All of the Resources found on this page have been created and written in house. They were all designed and written to help our clients with their businesses


Our Booklets are in depth guides that have been written to offer extensive information and knowledge on the subject.


Our Leaflets are much shorter and have been written to offer expert advice to people with limited time.

Hornbeam Highlights

Finally, take a look at Highlights, our in-house publication. Highlights offers news, debates, and insights for small and medium-sized businesses, retailers and fellow accountants. Please "Sign up" using the box below.

Pete Dixon

On hearing that HMRC agreed to drop all of their penalties, Pete Dixon emailed us:

“Hey Phil - thank God for that! Thank you for such a superb job/result and the peace of mind. Enjoy the rest of the week. Cheers Pete“

Judith Tait

After receiving help and support with QuickBooks:

“Thanks so much for your help today. It really will revolutionise my accounting”

Michael Engelhard

After receiving a Hornbeam business valuation:

“Thanks for the valuation Phil, our barrister said it was the best she had ever seen”

David Adlard

“No one could have fought my corner against the tax man with more determination, intelligence or technical expertise”

Dr John Wade

“Phil, this has been an amazing journey, one that has seen us go from strength to strength. We have achieved something I never dreamed of, financial security, and just as important peace of mind. Thank you for being you, and for the strength and encouragement when things were uncertain. Thank you for being our friend”

ICAEW Inuit Quickbooks Xero

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