Are you a UK resident with rental property overseas?

Are you a British Citizen living overseas with a UK pension?

The content of this website is written in general terms and you should always take specific professional advice before taking action. Our tax department specialise in International Aspects of UK tax but you should always obtain advice on the tax implications of your actions in the foreign jurisdiction. We have clients who fall into all of the catergories described on this website and we welcome new clients.

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Our terms
We offer special terms and conditions to people with questions about International Aspects of UK tax. Whilst we are always willing to give an hour of our time to someone who has a genuine desire to become a long term client, we think it is reasonable for us to bill at £2.00 per minute those taxpayers who would like a little one- off advice. You can read our terms and conditions by clicking here. By contacting us you have agreed to pay for any specialist one-off advice. We will never charge for the first five minutes!