Welcome to our Credit Union section.   Credit Unions were first established in the UK in the 1960's offerieng its members assistance with money management, savings and credit.  Fast forward 50 plus years and Credit Unions now offer a wide range of services to its members such as banking facilities, payroll facillties, insurance and more.  

We have been successfully Auditing Credit Unions since 2010 and having put the time in to researching the sector, and writing out our Specialist Audit Manual, we quickly decided that it was a sector we wanted to stay involved with; and as far as possible to offer practical support to.

Recent developments with FRS102, writting off loans, PRA, general provisions and how Credit Unions are affected by this is explained here.

The Resources” made available here are free and very much a practical manifestation of that commitment.

If you have a question or just want an informal chat regarding Credit Union Audits we would be only too happy to oblige. Please email eileen@hornbeam-accountancy.co.uk or telephone 01603 720424