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Yes its time to start thinking of your 2015 Tax Return !

Now you may not think you need to complete a self-assessment tax return, or indeed you may have been completing one for past number of years and are no longer required to do so!

Just take two minutes to glance over our list below to see what catagory you fall into.                                                                                                    

HMRC - "That is our policy, pay up"

As some of you will already know, nothing gets my back up as much as a belief that a major
department of government are ‘getting it wrong’; especially if I think they are mistreating
ordinary people.

My client Jo is an employee with a few expenses (previously unclaimed) but came to me with a
letter from HMRC Tax Credits reclaiming £800 paid in the few months before she was made
bankrupt. This made no sense to me and to cut a long story short we exchanged quite a few letters
(keeping Jo’s MP firmly in the loop) which went:

Are you ready?

•Pension Auto Enrolment in RTi – are you ready?
•Do you have the software?
•Do you have the time to manage the ongoing responsibility?

Offshore....Onshore.....Contractors..... struggling to source mortgage advisor?

Psst..... Offshore Workers and Contractors

Mortgages made easy!

I had an interesting conversation with a mortgage agent today who specialises in
Contractors and Offshore Workers. He tells me that they are very good at getting the
banks to look at the contract income in the company and not at the probably rather
lower figure for salary and dividends.

How does your company rate?

Creditsafe - Is your company’s credit rating affected?

If your business obtains credit from suppliers you should continue to read!

It has been brought to our attention by several companies that Creditsafe have changed
their algorithms and therefore their results. Suppliers who use their service may be refusing
credit to you as your rating has hit the floor. There are limited things you can actually do to
address this. However, our suggestions include:

HMRC & Child Benefit Errors

Another HMRC error

HMRC have sent out chasing letters to everyone earning over £50,000 who received Child Benefit
and has not repaid it without checking first if the benefit was repaid by the other partner in
the household.

Please contact us if you receive such a letter