The Builder and the Tax Man aka HMRC

Psssst to any builders or tradespeople out there who think they can brick around what they owe the tax man – you can’t – HMRC can put you behind bars and still go after you for what you owe!  No cash discount here.    If you want to find out what happened to a Dorset builder then read on………………

A Bournemouth Builder who evaded more than £128,000 in tax, has been ordered to repay criminal profits of £141,453 within three months, or remain in prison (yes HMRC sent him there for tax evasion) for a further 18 months and still owe the money.

Mr X was jailed for over two years and four months in June 2017 for evading VAT, Income Tax and National Insurance Contributions from his job as a self-employed builder and carpenter. The court heard that he used the money to help buy two local properties mortgage-free, instead of paying the tax to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

Mr X is already serving a prison sentence and if he doesn’t pay back what he owes in Income Tax and VAT, he will spend even more time behind bars - and still owe the money.  It’s a no brainer – you cannot paper over the cracks, bury your head in the bucket or whatever idiom one wants to use.  HMRC are relentless in their search for those who lie about their income, cheat the tax office out of money, falsify paperwork or indeed get rid of paperwork just so their tax liability is reduced. 

If you know a builder or tradesperson who is in a pickle and needs to get his affairs in order or requires help in dealing with an investigation from HMRC or is worried about CIS (Construction Industry Scheme) registration etc. please ask him to get in touch.  His first consultation is free and non-committal.   Email our Senior HMRC Expert or telephone 01603720424.

We are proud of our track record in getting people’s financial affairs in order regarding HMRC compliance and payment of tax.