About Us

The success of our firm is built on our ability to provide a bespoke service. Getting to know our clients is the key.

Don’t be bashful about showing us your records. We have seen it all! From carrier bags full of receipts to rather impressive reconciled trial balances. Whatever your filing habits are, we will happily assess them in order to tailor our service to your needs. And if this means meeting when it suits you or your business we have no reservations about working around your commitments.

Our objective is always to provide you with exactly the service you need in the most cost-effective, resourceful manner available to us. We believe that this makes us one of the most efficient firms in the industry, and that this reflects in both the quality of the work and the price that we can offer.

Phil Needham, Director of Hornbeam,  is on hand to speak face to face with clients - and potential clients and is supported by a team of highly qualified, experienced and committed personal.  Get in touch if you want to meet with Phil or a member of Hornbeam's management team for an informal chat about your accounts and business affairs.

If you would like us to come to your home or place of business, we are happy to do so. If an appointment outside office opening hours would suit you better no problem, we understand your time is precious and meeting your accountant outside of 9 to 5 is sometimes the only way.  Call 01603 720424 or email info@hornbeam-accountancy.co.uk

At Hornbeam we expand our team as we grow as a company and as our staff members progress with their careers. If you want to see what vacancies we have at present please click here