Valuation Process

When you contact us one of our qualified valuers will ring you back.

We will need to ascertain:

  • Who requires the valuation and who will be our client?
  • The purpose of the valuation?
  • What is to be valued – The entity – the ownership structure – which bit is to be valued?
  • The nature of the business - what industry is it in – how long has it been going – is it growing or declining – is it profitable – what assets and liabilities does it have – how big is the business – what is the management structure – what is the customer profile like?
  • What is known about the real or potential buyers and sellers of the business?
  • What documentation is available.

Based on this preliminary conversation we will:

  • Recommend the appropriate valuation technique (Virtually every valuation we do is different, but we will always consider adjusted earnings multiple, asset valuation, dividend yield, and open market comparisons.)
  • Send an initial list of documentation required (Typically, accounts, share registers, business plans and projections, evidence of recent transactions, sales ledger reports and marketing literature, personnel structure, procedures manuals, property valuations.)
  • Give you a timetable
  • Prepare a quotation 


If the quotation is acceptable we will require you to accept our terms and conditions, provide proof of identity (to comply with money laundering regulations) and we may ask you to  provide bank details in consideration of obtaining payment by direct debit.

In most cases we receive all the documentation we require by email. We almost always have further questions and make further requests for documentation.

We have no objections to working in your premises or viewing your business, but this will inevitably increase costs.

We will prepare a draft valuation and submit it to you for comment or (hopefully) approval. If appropriate we quite often recommend that you consider showing the draft to other parties at this stage, their comments or approval now might reduce conflict and cost later. We find that clarity of methodology and calculations mean that in practice almost all valuations are accepted.

We are always able to post the final written Valuation Report within 7 days of receiving all the information that we require, usually this is also within 7 days of starting work on the project.

We will send an invoice with the valuation and if you have supplied bank details will debit payment 14 days later.