Taxation of Private Sector Landlords


Taxation of private sector landlords has been changing rapidly over the past couple of years, and these changes are designed to raise more tax.  However, there are still legal ways to keep your tax to a minimum.  


who can benefit

The seminar is for private sector landlords, for anyone who advises private sector landlords and for anyone thinking of becoming a private sector landlord.  But anyone is welcome. 


what will you learn

If you come to the seminar we will show you:

  • the main ways that taxation has changed
  • where we are now with 6 main taxes
  • 7 strategies to minimise your tax


what you will take away

You will take away an impressive amount of kowledge on the changing taxation on Private Sector Landlords and how you can implement this knowledge to maximise how you use your property. Furthermore, a booklet will be provided with informaiton on taxation and the private landlord (idea for those joining this sector!) and finally ideas on your next step. 



£150 + VAT per delegate


register your interest

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Seminar Location 
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