VAT Returns

Does the minefield of VAT legislation leave you confused and worried about the accuracy of your Returns?

Hornbeam can help!

Whether or not we complete your bookkeeping and/or calculate your VAT we can file your online VAT
Returns with HMRC.  We will look for legal ways to minimise your tax and advise you of what scheme
out of many is best suited to your needs.

Our VAT experts can help you wth disputes and appeals with HMRC, international VAT, exemptions,
planning & structuring your VAT transactons etc.

If Hornbeam complete your VAT Returns we can use this information to help us complete your annual
accounts thus saving you money!

Please bear in mind late VAT returns, late VAT payments and even honest errors can result in penalites
and interest being charged by HMRC.  As can failure to monitor your own business and its liability to
the VAT threshold on a rolling 12 month period is currently set at a turnover of £83,000 or above. 

Free consultation and chat available from one of our experts. Tel 01603 720424