International Aspects of UK Taxation


This topic broadly falls into two categories - home or away? 

  • Persons who live in the UK but have commercial interests abroad and
  • Persons who live abroad but have commercial interests in the UK


"commercial interest" in this context usually mean employment or let property

who can benefit

The seminar is for oil industry workers and other expats.  Foreigners who have come to work in the UK, UK owners of overseas property, foreign owners of UK Property.  But anyone is welcome.

what you will learn

If you come to the seminar

  • How the residence rules work, and why this is important
  • how the international tax treaties work
  • capital gains tax and inheritance tax in this context
  • 6 case studies - ways to minimise your tax


what you will take away

We intend to send you away with up-to-date knowledge on aspects of UK Taxation that affect you, as well as new skills and motivation.  We will also give you a booklet that will enable you to recap and ideas for your next steps.



£150 + VAT per delegate


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