Buying a Business


Surveys have found that about 2/3 of business acquisitions destroy value for the buyer.  Learn how to control the process, avoid the pitfalls and make a success of the acquisition.

who can benefit

The seminar is for anyone who is interested in buying a business, whether to set up in business, as part of an MBO or to expand an existing business.

what you will learn

If you come to the seminar we will show you

  • Good and bad reasons for buying a business
  • Avoiding the pitfalls
  • Finding a business to buy
  • Raising the funds
  • The process of buying a business
  • Doing a deal
  • After the deal–making

what you will take away

We intend to send you away with new skills and new knowledge, but we will also send you away with a booklet and ideas for your next steps.


£150 + VAT per delegate


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Seminar Location 
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