Accountancy isn't boring!

Two big sets of accounts in yesterday, trying to decide which set to tackle first,
December 2013 accounts needed for a refinancing or
March 2013 accounts that are already into penalties. 

Thank goodness my team have already cleared most of our tax returns!

Accountancy at this level is rarely boring, although often “challenging”. 

January jobs include:

Blind Persons Tax Allowance

I had a couple of queries about Blind Persons Allowance recently from existing clients and
also non-clients so thought I better find out about it.

Turns out claimants have to be registered blind (partially sighted will not do) with their
local authority under the National Assistance Act 1948. 
It is a pretty high threshold actually.

This tax years allowance for 2013/14 is £2,160.


“I’m never bored”


Jo brought in his first quarter VAT and asked us to do Management Accounts. 

We discovered that he has been miscalculating his gross profit resulting in him making 8.3% not 18.3% as he intended.  I hate being the bearer of bad news but bloody lucky that we found this four months in and not fourteen months in! 

On reflection not luck; Management Accounts allow us to help clients identify problems early. Most of our best clients have Management Accounts and the correlation is no coincidence.

4 June 2013