East England Restaurtant Sector Being Targeted by HMRC

HMRC Target Restaurant Sector

HMRC announced in February the launch of a “taskforce” to tackle tax avoidance in the restaurant
sector across ….. the EAST of ENGLAND. 

Taskforces are HMRC teams that undertake intensive bursts of activity in specific high-risk trade
sectors in the UK, with teams visiting traders to examine their records and carry out investigations. 

Massive Whinge About HMRC

To those not familiar with HMRC, this story will be almost unbelievable .........

HMRC have set up a very efficient system of collecting VAT from traders by Direct Debit. 
Each quarter the trader (or their accountant) enters the amount of VAT due on HMRC website and about
35 days after the quarter end HMRC’s bank take the VAT due out of the trader’s bank account. 
Simple effective system  - so far......

Accountancy isn't boring!

Two big sets of accounts in yesterday, trying to decide which set to tackle first,
December 2013 accounts needed for a refinancing or
March 2013 accounts that are already into penalties. 

Thank goodness my team have already cleared most of our tax returns!

Accountancy at this level is rarely boring, although often “challenging”. 

January jobs include:

Blind Persons Tax Allowance

I had a couple of queries about Blind Persons Allowance recently from existing clients and
also non-clients so thought I better find out about it.

Turns out claimants have to be registered blind (partially sighted will not do) with their
local authority under the National Assistance Act 1948. 
It is a pretty high threshold actually.

This tax years allowance for 2013/14 is £2,160.