Companies House want change

To all directors and shareholders of limited companies.  Companies House want people to change their behaviour and attitude towards filing their Confirmation Statement (you should probably be aware by now that Confirmation Statements have taken over from the Annual Return).

Companies House want to be informed of any changes to the company register immediately – not in 4 weeks, not in 3 months and most certainly not in 12 months or when the next Confirmation Statement is due.  They want the information stored online to be as up-to-date and as live as possible.  So if say a shareholder's home address changes, PSCs personal details need updating, moving business premises occur you must complete the necessary forms immediately and let Companies House know.   

In a nutshell below are the deadlines for informing Companies House and if you are late your company could be subjected to a fine – something we all want to avoid!

You must tell Companies House within 14 days if you make changes to:

  • the address where you keep your records, and which records you keep there
  • directors or their personal details, like their address
  • company secretaries (appointing a new one or ending an existing one’s appointment)
  • You must tell Companies House within a month if you issue more shares in your company.


Changes that shareholders must approve

You may need to get shareholders to vote on the decision if you want to:

  • change the company name
  • remove a director
  • change the company’s articles of association


This is called ‘passing a resolution’. Most resolutions will need a majority to agree (called an ‘ordinary resolution’). Some might require a 75% majority (called a ‘special resolution’).

Remember if you make any of the following changes to your limited company please either inform Companies House yourself directly or get your Accountant to do it for you immediately  – avoid that penalty!


You must tell Companies House about changes to your limited company, including:

  • directors and company secretaries, e.g. new appointments, resignations or changes to their personal details
  • changing your company name
  • changing your registered office address
  • changing your accounting reference date
  • changing where your company records are kept, if different from your registered address
  • which records you’ll keep at an alternative address
  • changes to your company’s share structure, e.g. if you issue new shares
  • details of any new mortgages it has or mortgages it has paid off


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