Hornbeam Chartered Accountants & Registered Auditors

If you know what "service" you are looking for we suggest you click on the hyperlink to services on the right of this page but if you want to know a bit more about us take a look at what we have to say here.  

We are number crunchers… but with a difference! We like to come out from behind our spreadsheets and view the bigger picture so that we can work with you to make your life as easy as possible. We assess your individual needs and create an accounting “master plan” to help make your business more profitable.

You hire an accountant to reduce your burden, not add to it. Our clients are free to get on with their lives and focus on running their businesses whilst we work happily in the background, providing quiet reassurance and support.

Thanks to modern technology, a lot of our work is done remotely. Because of this, our team supports clients much further afield than our hometown of Norwich, Norfolk. And now with latest software updates we offer online accounting and bookkeeping in  "the cloud" - Tax is being made "Digital" by HMRC - we are ready are you?

Not only do we have specialty departments in

we also have dedicated accountants and bookkeepers who focus on areas they are passionate about for example VAT, Construction, Hospitality Industry, Restaurants, Manufacturing, Farming & Agriculture, Business Start-ups, Limited Companies, Landlords Accounts, Tax Returns etc. And our team are more than happy to make onsite visits if it meets our clients needs.   So please take a look around our site for a tour of Hornbeam's services and see if we can help you.


International Taxation

Are you a UK resident with rental property overseas?

Valuation Service

Do you need an independent business valuation, then look no further.

Business Acquisitions

Buying or investing in a business? Avoid making costly errors


Seeking a cost-effective, independant, external audit?

Our terms
We offer special terms and conditions to people with questions about International Aspects of UK tax. Whilst we are always willing to give an hour of our time to someone who has a genuine desire to become a long term client, we think it is reasonable for us to bill at £1.80 per minute those taxpayers who would like a little one- off advice. You can read our terms and conditions by clicking here . By contacting us you have agreed to pay for any specialist one-off advice. We will never charge for the first five minutes!